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Our award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available for purchase in 500 mL bottles fitted with a non drip pouring cap and in convenient 2 Litre casks fitted with a non drip tap.

500 mL Bottle

Our fresh Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is protected in a black or dark antique green bottle fitted with a non drip pourer and re-sealable cap.   An ideal size for cooking and perfect for  drizzling, dipping, frying or marinating.  

The Adelaide Review Judges described our 2011 vintage as:

'Mid to deep green. Excellent fresh aromas of green beans and freshly cut grass. Whilst the nose would suggest otherwise, the oil showed a lot of sweetness and richness. Medium level of bitterness and pepperyness together with a pleasant tobacco leaf flavour. An "Italian Cafe" style was suggested by one of the tasters. Suited to a variety of pasta dishes where a pleasant olivey presence is needed.'

The Olives SA Judges for the 2011 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition described our oil : 'Good herbal aromas. Sweeter flavours with a medium level of bitterness and pungency.'

We haven't seen the comments of the Tokyo Judges as yet, but our bottles can now wear bronze, silver and gold medals on their labels.

Price: $10 each,     Carton of six bottles   $60

2 Litre Cask

'Bag in a Box' technology preserves the quality of fresh Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 2 Litre containers are the ideal size, being easy to store and easy to access.

Price: $25 each,   Carton of eight casks   $200

10 Litre Container

This product is packaged with the commercial kitchen in mind. It provides a hygienic, neat and clean storage facility and easy access to high quality fresh Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Price:  Ten Litre Container $60 (plus container)

Bulk Extra Virgin olive Oil

We also retain a supply of bulk fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil for those who call in with their own containers.

Price: $6 per litre

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