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The Australian Olive Association's 'Code of Practice'

This voluntary Code supports quality, authenticity and confidence in the Australian olive industry. It supplements the provisions of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Code and related legislation, the Trade Practices Act, State and Territory fair trading food safety and health legislation, and international rules and codes with similar aims, such as those of the International Olive Council and the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

065The Code establishes the means for continuing, well managed, consumer sensitive management, certification and monitoring processes. It commits the industry to ecologically sustainable production methods. 

The objectives of the Code are to provide processes to:

  1. Establish authenticity and quality of Australian olive products,
  2. Establish ecologically sustainable production processes,
  3. Provide security and confidence for consumers and investors in Australia and overseas in relation to Australian olive products,
  4. Deal effectively with complaints,
  5. Establish a compliance culture within the industry in relation to the Trade Practices Act and relevant fair trading and food safety legislation.
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